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AutoTune Early Access

Unlock next-level transcription accuracy

With AutoTune, AssemblyAI will automatically analyze samples of your transcription data, identify errors, and improve recognition of the elements that are most important to your business — proper nouns, keywords, and more.

How it works

Toggle on AutoTune

Once you get Early Access, simply toggle on AutoTune in the dashboard — no code required.

Automatically monitor for transcription errors

Leveraging highly secure, random samples of data you send to the API, AutoTune automatically identifies potential transcription errors.

Our AI research team gets to work

Our team of AI experts analyze and learn from errors surfaced by AutoTune, and proactively make improvements to our AI models to reduce errors going forward.

Track improvements made by AutoTune

Your dedicated Account Manager will review improvements with you on an ongoing basis, and provide detailed reports of where accuracy has been updated.

Frequently asked questions

What is AutoTune?

AutoTune is a no-code way to automatically unlock next-level transcription accuracy. As you send data to our API, AutoTune automatically identifies errors our models make. Our team of AI researchers and engineers then optimize our models to reduce these errors going forward. The result: improved accuracy on the things that matter most to your use case.

How do I know if AutoTune is right for my use case?

While most customers will see benefits from AutoTune, it is particularly helpful if proper nouns, keywords, and acronyms are important for your business.

Will my data be secure?

AssemblyAI is committed to security and encrypts your data samples in perpetuity. Our platform is built using the highest security standards and compliance you can trust, including SOC 2 Type 1 and 2 certifications.

Am I eligible for AutoTune?

AutoTune is a premium add-on service available to new and existing Enterprise customers.

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