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Easily transcribe your audio or video files across multiple APIs, like AssemblyAI, Google, and AWS, and compare the transcripts and accuracy, all for free.

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We run the benchmarks. We'll run your files through our API along with any other API you're looking into. Then we'll compare those results with human transcriptions that are (near) 100% accuracy.


Review Benchmark Report. Your custom report will be built comparing accuracy, pricing, and features side-by-side on your content.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Is the benchmark report free? Yes!

How is accuracy calculated? Word Error Rate (WER) is the industry standard for calculating the accuracy of an automatic speech recognition system. The WER compares the predicted transcription to a human transcription for an audio file, and counts the number of insertions, deletions, and substitutions made by the automatic speech recognition system in order to derive the WER. TLDR - we compare API transcripts with human transcripts to calculate Word Error Rate (WER).

Why should I get a benchmark report? Shopping for speech-to-text can be tricky. Every provider claims they have the "best" accuracy. Instead of promising, we'd like to show you first hand how well we perform. We provide all raw transcripts in case you'd like to run any additional internal benchmarking.

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