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Feature Announcement: Content Safety Detection
Product Updates
Feature Announcement: Content Safety Detection is now GA!

Automatically transcribe audio and video files, and surface sensitive content, such "Hate Speech" or "NSFW" content, found within the audio.

New Punctuation and casing model
Product Updates
New Punctuation and Casing model released 🎉

We’ve been hard at work at AssemblyAI dramatically improving our speech-to-text features and this week sees an update to our punctuation and casing features with a brand new model.

PII Redaction and Speech-to-Text Accuracy Improvements
Product Updates
PII Redaction and Accuracy Improvements

Last month, we introduced PII Redaction Policies, as part of a big overhaul to our PII Redaction feature to make it more flexible and powerful for you to specify exactly what you want redacted from your transcript

WhatConverts Call Tracking | AssemblyAI Speech-to-Text API Case Study
Product Updates
WhatConverts | AssemblyAI Case Study

WhatConverts call tracking platform partners with AssemblyAI Speech-to-Text API to power State-of-the-Art transcription accuracy.

AssemblyAI Awarded Best Speech-to-Text API API of 2020
Product Updates
AssemblyAI Wins Best Public API 2020 🏆

Nordic APIs announces AssemblyAI Speech-to-Text API wins 2020 API of the year. Offering a high accuracy speech-to-text API built for developers.

PII Redaction for Speech-to-Text
Product Updates
PII Redaction Policies for Speech-to-Text

Advanced PII Redaction from AssemblyAI Speech-to-Text API with customizable redaction rules and over 15 types of PII detected and redacted.

 AssemblyAI Speech-to-Text API - The State of Speaker Diarization
Deep Learning
Product Updates
Speaker Diarization: Speaker Labels for Mono Channel Files

AssemblyAI Speech-to-Text API's speaker diarization (diarisation) is the process of splitting audio or video inputs automatically based on the speaker's identity. It helps you answer the question "who spoke when?".

Conversation Intelligence with CallRail and AssemblyAI
Product Updates
[Webinar] Conversation Intelligence with CallRail

CallRail and AssemblyAI Speech-to-Text API discuss how conversation intelligence transforms call data into insights that boost sales performance and conversions.

AssemblyAI Speech-to-Text API Improved Accuracy WER (Word Error Rate)
Product Updates
Improved WER - Speech-to-Text Accuracy vs. Google, AWS (May 2020 Update)

AssemblyAI launches significant improvements to transcription accuracy, consistently out-benchmarking other providers like Google Cloud Speech-to-Text, AWS Transcribe, and Rev.ai.

AssemblyAI Speech-to-Text API | Automated SRT and VTT Video Captions
Product Updates
Automated SRT and VTT Video Captions (April 2020 Update)

Automated captions for videos in SRT and VTT format using AssemblyAI Speech-to-Text API.

PII Redaction for Speech-to-Text Transcriptions
Product Updates
PII Redaction for Speech-to-Text Transcriptions (March 2020 Update)

AssemblyAI Speech-to-Text API launches PII Redaction for Transcriptions on audio, video, and podcasts.

Voice Search Partnership with Algolia
Product Updates
Voice Search Partnership with Algolia

AssemblyAI Speech-to-Text API update includes the launch of Voice Search with Algolia, improved accuracy, and enhanced speed.

Algolia Voice Search with AssemblyAI Speech-to-Text API
Product Updates
Teaming up with Algolia for effortless Voice Search

AssemblyAI and Algolia launch a plugin for their popular InstantSearch.js library. With this library, developers can add accurate Voice Search to their websites in just a few lines of code.


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