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AssemblyAI Google Video Google Default
Accuracy Great Good Poor
Accuracy Updates Every 6 weeks 6-12 months 6-12 months
Price $0.45-$0.90/hr $2.19/hr $1.44/hr
Time to Integrate 1-2 hours 3-4 days 3-4 days
Languages Supported English Only Multiple Multiple
Speaker Labels Yes Yes Yes
Word Timings Yes Yes Yes
Confidence Scores Yes Yes Yes
punctuation/casing Yes Yes Yes
Custom Words Yes Yes Yes
All Audio/Video Formats Accepted Yes No No
Transcribe data from Anywhere GCP Buckets only GCP Buckets only
Redact sensitive data from transcript (PII) Yes No No
Auto Transcript Highlights Yes No No
Export as SRT/VTT captions Yes No No
Data Privacy/deletion Yes No No
Free 24x7 Support Yes No No

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Hyekyu D.

Media Monitoring

"..we found AssemblyAI to be the most accurate for English transcription..."

Nico R.

Sales and Customer Support

"I've tested many stt api's (Google/AWS/IBM) to transcribe audio/video files and AssemblyAI consistently wins on accuracy (lowest WER on our audio files)."

Bradley B


"Great ASR API, even better customer service"

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