Phone Call Transcription Demo

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" Hi I'm Joy. Hi I'm Sharon. Do you have kids in school? I have grandchildren in school. Okay, well, my kids are in middle school and high school. Do you think there is anything wrong with the school system? Overcrowding, of course, they keep cutting back on the taxes on it. So they keep cutting out the sports and music and arts on it. But I'm going to mean tonight where they are cutting out golf swimming. Ah, tennis and cheerleading and we're the only local school system that's cutting that out. Everybody else is having it. See what I'm saying. Yeah, my daughter is enrolled in golf and she hopes to get a golf scholarship. But she'll be a senior. And it looks like, you know, she won't be able to play. That is awful, see these kids work so hard. I mean, like my stop. I plan my what I would take in high school in junior high. So I could go on to college and they're cutting out these very things that we we could get scholarships for. To go on to college. Oh I'm from Texas. And we have the Robin Hood plan. And our school is paying out a little bit over 10,000,000 to some other poorer. Schools there's no requirements as to what the poorer school can do with it. If they want to build a big gymnasium and put the same pool in the middle of it, they can do anything they want to. No, no that's wrong. And we're paying additional taxes. Our taxes went up an extra 600 this year, just because of this Robin Hood plan. And they just gave our Super kind of schools a 60,000 dollar raise. That sucker is now making a hundred and 80. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. He's almost making as much as a president. I think we need to go into administration and we need to clean house and he gave his buddies or other administrative heads, a 10,000 dollar, of course, across the board. Rice. Yes, we do. If we just got rid of those people that right, there would be. There you go. An extra thousand would probably have. There you go, see, I think the schools should be responsible in the own areas. Maybe I'm wrong. "