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Enrich your videos with automated captioning and transcription.

How video platforms use AssemblyAI

Transcribe and caption videos

Create video summaries of important phrases

Securely process and store transcriptions

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Transcribe and caption videos

Automatically transcribe and caption videos, with State-of-the-Art accuracy

Easily export your transcription in SRT or VTT format, to be plugged into a video player

Unlimited concurrency to transcribe and caption multiple videos at the same time

Create video summaries of important words and phrases

Boost accuracy for key terms and phrases like person or product names, places, and other vocabulary unique to each video

Detect key phrases and words in the transcription text - very useful for tagging content, and providing a summary of the transcription text

Casing and punctuation of proper nouns are automatically added to the transcription text

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Securely process and store transcriptions

Files sent to the API for transcription are never stored, and you can request the deletion of transcription text permanently from our database

Securely redact all Personal Identifiable Information (PII) like phone numbers and credit cards

Historical uptime and transcription completion rate of 99.9%+

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Here's what some of our customers have to say

Bradley B.

Call Tracking

"Great ASR API, even better customer service"

Nico R.


"I've tested many stt api's (Google/AWS/IBM) to transcribe audio/video files and AssemblyAI consistently wins on accuracy (lowest WER on our audio files)."

Hyekyu D.

Media Monitoring

"..we found AssemblyAI to be the most accurate for English transcription..."

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