Why AssemblyAI

We deliver the latest AI breakthroughs so you can ship 10x faster

Thousands of startups and global enterprises leverage AssemblyAI to ship AI-powered features and products to their end users. We build on the latest AI research in LLMs, generative AI, and scaling large neural nets to deliver production-ready AI models that can transcribe and understand speech within your products.

Quickly embed the latest AI trends in your product

AI technologies are rapidly improving. We deliver those improvements to you via our API, including our robust speech recognition model, Conformer-1. Trained on 650K hours of supervised audio data, Conformer-1 achieves near human-level performance and robustness across a wide variety of data.

As part of our commitment to delivering reliable and production-ready AI models, we continuously evaluate, train, and deploy new neural nets as new AI breakthroughs emerge.

Production-ready AI models
so product teams can ship 10x faster

Build with confidence using our 99.99% uptime APIs that consistently handle millions of requests per day.
Benefit from feature-rich AI-models, complete with key capabilities including Speaker Labels, Custom Spelling and Vocabulary, and more.
Quickly scale or shift priorities as your product demands change with usage-based pricing.
Get peace of mind with enterprise-grade security, including SOC 2 Type 1 and 2 compliance and regular 3rd party audits.

24/7 support from our team of AI experts

Our in-house Support Engineers and Technical Account Managers are dedicated to helping you and your team launch new AI capabilities fast, providing AI expertise at every step. We tailor guidance to your implementation and deep dive into your use case.


Continuously updated with the latest AI research

Our Research and Engineering teams keep up with the newest advancements and architectures, ensuring our models apply insight from breakthroughs such as DeepMind's Chinchilla paper. We continuously improve our models to help you access the latest state-of-the-art.


10x your product roadmap velocity

Build your next AI-powered product or feature in your next sprint. Rapidly ship and iterate to offer your customers smart transcription, summarization, search and discovery capabilities, and more.


Processing millions of audio
files a day for customers of all sizes

From startups to Fortune 500 companies, businesses of all sizes use AssemblyAI's API every day.

“Solid transcription accuracy with great customer service. The team goes above and beyond.”

Bradley Blaser/CEO & Co-founder, Liine

“After testing other transcription APIs, we were pleasantly surprised to find that AssemblyAI is the most accurate API on the market today.”

Jeremy Helms/Co-founder, WhatConverts

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Discover why thousands of developers choose AssemblyAI for their AI needs. Our simple API empowers you to quickly integrate our production-ready AI models into your mission-critical workflows with ease.

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Chanin Nantasenamat @thedataprof

Thanks @AssemblyAI for the swag box.

Afiz ⚡️ @itsafiz

I am building speech to text app using @AssemblyAI and @Gradio blocks. This is all pure Python code, no HTML, CSS or JavaScript. Just #Python.

So you want to... @attractfunding

Shout out to @r_o_connor, @AssemblyAI, and @AhmedMasud for deciphering Coding/AI/ML this for to the masses 🦄🚀

Marlene Mhangami @marlene_zw

Yesterday I shared how to turn text to speech, well with #Python you can also turn speech to text 🐍✨

@AssemblyAI's API lets you do this in a few lines of code!

Lana Caldarevic @lana_caldarevic

After reading so much positive stuff from Patrick (@python_engineer) about @AssemblyAI speech-to-text API, it was about the time I use it :D

mısra turp @misraturp

Next week I will interview Chanin Nantasenamat! Many of you know him as @thedataprof

He used to be an actual professor, is a developer advocate at Streamlit and the face of the YouTube channel Data Professor.

Utkarsh Pandey @suggest_smethng

I created this Flask Webapp which uses AssemblyAI services to transcribe audio to text from a audio url input. 🙂

Francesco Ciulla @FrancescoCiull4

Thank you @AssemblyAI and @python_engineer for this cool T-Shirt!

Ryan O'Connor @r_o_connor

Excited for my latest project! 🧑‍💻🎉 Sneak peak below...

What have you been building recently 👀

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