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Supported languages

This page shows which languages are supported by the AssemblyAI API, their language_code values, and the features available for that language.

AssemblyAI offers two different classes of speech-to-text models: Best and Nano.

Below, you'll find the supported languages for each class of models, as well as instructions on how to change the language for your transcription.

Supported languages for Best

Supported languages for Nano

Specify the language

You can use the optional language_code parameter to specify the language of the spoken audio in the files that you submit to the API. If you don't include a language_code parameter in your request, it defaults to en_us.

To learn more about using the language_code parameter, see Set language manually.


If you're unsure of the spoken language spoken in your audio file, you can use our Automatic Language Detection feature to automatically identify the dominant language in your file.

Specify the speech model

You can use the optional speech_model parameter to specify the class of models. To learn more, see Select the speech model.