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AssemblyAI is a top rated API for speech recognition, trusted by startups and global enterprises in production
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See how AssemblyAI compares to Google, AWS, and other providers on your data

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Designed for Developers

Stop struggling to understand messy APIs and SDKs - AssemblyAI makes it easy for any developer to quickly transcribe their audio and video content
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AssemblyAI Speech-to-Text API speaker diarization
Speaker Diarization
Know who spoke when
AssemblyAI Speech-to-Text API PII redaction
PII Redaction
Detect and remove credit card numbers, SSNs, and more
AssemblyAI Speech-to-Text API automatic transcript highlights
Automatic Transcription Highlights
Surface the most common keywords and phrases
AssemblyAI Speech-to-Text API 99% uptime
99.9%+ Uptime
Trusted in production to handle millions of transcriptions each day
AssemblyAI Speech-to-Text API model customization
Model Customization
On-the-fly add keywords and phrases unique to your application or customers
AssemblyAI Speech-to-Text API entity detection
Entity Detection
Detect things like names, injuries, and places spoken in the text
AssemblyAI Speech-to-Text API speaker diarization
Advanced Security and Data Privacy Protocols
We never store your data, and follow strict security protocols within our systems
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Why AssemblyAI

We’re a Deep Learning company, obsessed with moving the State of the Art forward, and giving developers access to great AI tech

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Fastest-improving accuracy
Our research team deploys accuracy improvements weekly, and is constantly pushing the State of the Art.
In-house research team
We conduct our own research, and publish leading papers and blogs about the state of Automatic Speech Recognition.
99.9+ uptime
Our systems operate with 99.9%+ uptime and are highly scalable and redundant.
More than Speech-to-Text
Top-rated accuracy along with sentiment analysis, PII redaction, entity recognition, summarization, and more.