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Specialized endpoints

In this guide, we'll show you how to use the specialized endpoints:

  • Custom Summary
  • Question & Answer
  • Action Items

Those endpoints require no prompt engineering and facilitate more deterministic and structured outputs for predefined tasks.

Custom Summary

With the Summarization endpoint you can automatically summarize virtual meetings, phone calls, and more in a flexible way.

You can add additional context to provide information that is not explicitly referenced in the audio data, as well as specify an answer format. For this, use the optional parameters context and answer_format.

Question & Answer

With the Question & Answer endpoint you can get answers to questions about your spoken data. LeMUR can provide answers to questions that include citation and reasoning.

To use it, define a list of aai.LemurQuestion objects. For each question, you can define additional context and specify either a answer_format or a list of answer_options. Additionally, you can define an overall context.

Action Items

With the Action Items endpoint you can automatically generate a list of action items from transcripts.

You can provide a specific format to follow and add additional context, for example info that is not explicitly referenced in the audio or context on the speakers to assign action items to specific meeting attendees. For this, use the optional parametes context and answer_format.

API reference

You can find detailed information about all LeMUR API endpoints and parameters in the LeMUR API reference.

Below is an example cURL request for the Summarization endpoint:

curl \
--header "Authorization: YOUR_API_KEY" \
--data '{
"transcript_ids": ["TRANSCRIPT_ID1", "TRANSCRIPT_ID2"],
"context": "YOUR_CONTEXT",
"answer_format": "YOUR_ANSWER_FORMAT"