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Build with AI models that can transcribe and understand audio

With a single API call, get access to AI models built on the latest AI breakthroughs to transcribe and understand audio and speech data securely at large scale.

About AssemblyAI

At AssemblyAI, we believe that transcribing and understanding audio and video files shouldn't be a hassle. Our advanced AI models are production-ready and highly accurate, capable of performing various tasks seamlessly. Whether you require transcription of audio and video files, sensitive information redaction, or detection of topics and sentiment, our models are designed to help you achieve your goals with ease.

Our models are built on the latest AI breakthroughs and are designed to work at large scales, so you can transcribe and analyze audio and speech data without worrying about performance issues or scalability. Our models are also highly customizable and can be tailored to your specific needs and use cases.

Getting started

The AssemblyAI CLI is the fastest way to get started with the AssemblyAI API. The CLI provides an intuitive way to access the API and perform various tasks, such as uploading audio and video files for transcription and retrieving results.

Learn more


Discover how to use the AssemblyAI API with our detailed guides. You can also follow along with the examples in our Colab Notebook.

Transcribing. Transcribe audio and video files using the AssemblyAI API, including code examples and tips for improving your results.


Summarizing. Get the most out of your virtual meetings with the AssemblyAI Summarization model. Extract the most important information effortlessly.


Analyze. Optimize your call center insights with the AssemblyAI API. Discover valuable information and level up your customer service.