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Today, we’re launching Universal-1, our most powerful and accurate multilingual speech-to-text model to date—trained on 12.5M hours of multilingual audio data.

>92.5% Accuracy
30.4s Latency on 30 min audio file
12.5M Hours of multilingual training data

Today, AssemblyAI is launching Universal-1,  our most capable and highly trained speech recognition model. Trained on over 12.5 million hours of multilingual audio data, Universal-1 achieves best-in-class speech-to-text accuracy, reduces word error rate and hallucinations, improves timestamp estimation, and helps us continue to raise the bar as the industry-leading Speech AI provider. 

Universal-1 is trained on four major languages: English, Spanish, French, and German, and shows extremely strong speech-to-text accuracy in almost all conditions, including heavy background noise, accented speech, natural conversations, and changes in language, while achieving fast turn-around time and improved timestamp accuracy.

This is a chart of the Average Word Error Rate (lower WER is better) of AssemblyAI's Universal-1 model compared to Deepgram Nova-2, OpenAI Whisper Large-v3, Amazon, Microsoft Azure Batch v3.1, Google Latest-long by Language (English, Spanish, German, French).

In the last few years we've seen an explosion of audio data available online. This coupled with advances in AI technology have allowed organizations to unlock the value of voice data in ways that were previously impossible. As a result, organizations are building new products, services, and capabilities that serve millions of people around the world. By building on AssemblyAI’s Speech AI models, customers have built products that can summarize video calls with clear notes and action items, automate customer service experiences and help organizations understand the voice of their customers with insights from every customer interaction, and create apps that help teachers guide students more effectively as they learn to read.

With Universal-1 we sought to build on the industry-leading performance of our previous models, and designed this new model guided by the idea that accuracy of every word matters. In conversations with customers, it was clear that there was a need in the industry for a model that focused on the nuances of spoken language across accents, tone, dialect, faithfulness, and more. We hope the new capabilities of Universal-1 will help power the next generation of AI products and features built with voice data.

Accuracy is paramount when deciding which speech-to-text model to implement. AssemblyAI's Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) model is best-in-class, and we are beneficiaries of the constant improvements they implement, like Universal-1. We provide lead intelligence to over 200,000 small businesses. If the transcriptions are not accurate, then the downstream intelligence our customers depend on will also be subpar — garbage in, garbage out.

Ryan Johnson, Chief Product Officer, CallRail

Universal-1 ASR: Pushing the Boundaries of Speech AI

Universal-1 accomplishes the following improvements: 

Accurate and robust multilingual speech-to-text
Universal-1 represents another major milestone in our mission to provide accurate, faithful, and robust speech-to-text capabilities for multiple languages, helping our customers and developers worldwide build various Speech AI applications.

  • Universal-1 achieves 10% or greater improvement in English, Spanish, and German speech-to-text accuracy, compared to the next-best commercial speech-to-text system we tested.
  • Universal-1 reduces hallucination rate by 30% over a widely used open-source model, Whisper Large-v3, providing users with confidence in the results we deliver.
  • Humans prefer the outputs from Universal-1 over Conformer-2, our previous generation model, 71% of the time when they have a preference.
  • Universal-1 exhibits the ability to code switch, transcribing multiple languages within a single audio file.
This is a chart of consecutive error types per audio hour for AssemblyAI Universal-1 compared to NVIDIA Canary-1B, OpenAI Whisper Large-v3

Precise timestamp estimation
Word-level timestamps are essential for various downstream applications, such as audio and video editing. In conversation analytics and meeting transcription, accurate timestamps are crucial to enable speaker diarization to align speaker labels with recognized words.

  • Word-level timestamps are essential for various downstream applications, such as audio and video editing as well as conversation analytics.
  • Universal-1 improves our timestamp accuracy by 13% relative to Conformer-2.
  • The improvement in timestamp estimation results in a positive impact on speaker diarization, improving concatenated minimum-permutation word error rate (cpWER) by 14% and speaker count estimation accuracy by 71% compared to Conformer-2.

Efficient parallel inference

  • Effective parallelization during inference is crucial to achieve very low turnaround processing time for long audio files.
  • Universal-1 achieves a 5x speed-up compared to a fast and batch-enabled implementation of Whisper Large-v3 on the same hardware.

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Universal-1’s training data far exceeds the training data used for most existing speech-to-text models. This training data includes audio from non-native speakers, audio with heavy background noise, conversations involving multiple talkers held in various domains and settings, to better simulate how speech happens in the real world. Universal-1 also builds on our predecessor models, Conformer-1 and Conformer-2, to capture proper nouns and alphanumeric details with high accuracy. 

We’re excited to see the impact that Universal-1 has on applications like:

  • Conversational intelligence platforms that are now able to analyze vast amounts of customer data quickly, accurately, and reliably in order to surface critical voice of customer insights and analytics regardless of accent, recording condition, number of speakers, and more.
  • AI notetakers that can now generate highly accurate and hallucination-free meeting notes to serve as the basis for LLM-powered summaries, action items, and other metadata generation with accurate proper noun, speaker, and timing information included.
  • Creator tool applications that are now able to build AI-powered video editing workflows for their end-users leveraging precise speech-to-text outputs in multiple languages with low error rates and reliable word timing information.
  • Telehealth platforms automating clinical note entry and claims submission processes with a high success rate leveraging accurate and faithful speech-to-text outputs, including rare words like prescription names and medical diagnoses, in adversarial and far field recording conditions.

Improving the accuracy of Speech AI across languages

Trained on English, Spanish, German, and French data, Universal-1 is built to support the languages most often used by our customers and their end-users.

Today, Universal-1 is available in English & Spanish, with German and French being made available shortly. We will be adding additional language support within future Universal models over time.

Best & Nano ASR Tiers: More Options to Build with AssemblyAI

Today, we’re also introducing our Best and Nano tiers to give you more options when building with  Speech AI models from AssemblyAI depending on your budget, accuracy needs, and use case. 

At AssemblyAI, we use a combination of models to produce your results. Our Best tier will house our most powerful and accurate models, including Universal-1. This tier is best suited for use cases where accuracy is paramount, and end-users will interact directly with the results generated from our models. 

We are also introducing a Nano tier—a lightweight lower cost speech-to-text option  available in many languages. Nano is best suited for use cases like search and topic detection or for use cases where accuracy is not paramount.

What Comes Next for Universal-1

Universal-1 is available via our API, and you can start building on it today. We’ll continue to improve our Speech AI models over time, so stay tuned for updates as we add new capabilities and languages to Universal-1.

#Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I learn more about AssemblyAI’s research?
What languages are supported today?

Our Best tier supports 17 languages. Our Nano tier supports 99 languages. As of April 3, 2024, Universal-1 will be supporting English and Spanish requests to our API when selecting Best.

What is the difference between Speech-to-Text tiers?

At AssemblyAI, we use a combination of models to produce your results. AssemblyAI’s Best tier is our most robust and accurate offering, housing our most powerful models, and has the broadest range of capabilities. The Best tier is suited for use cases where accuracy and power are paramount. AssemblyAI’s Nano tier is a fast, lightweight offering that gives product and development teams access to Speech AI at an attainable price point across 99 languages. It is best for teams with extensive language needs, and those who are looking for a low-cost Speech AI option.

If you are a current AssemblyAI customer, you do not need to make any changes to your plan to access the Best tier. Our existing customers will default onto Best, with no pricing changes to your account and no action required. If you are a current customer who would like to try out Nano, simply select the Nano tier when building in our API.

What are the pricing/packaging options for Universal-1 and Nano?

Visit our Pricing page.