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Want to make a measurable impact in the fast-moving field of AI? Join our growing team.


Progress in AI is moving at an unprecedented pace. We’re looking for motivated, open-minded, and collaborative people to join our fast-growing team and help us achieve our ambitious goals.

We're committed to investing in our people

Competitive Salary
Even though we're a startup, we invest in our people first and offer competitive salaries across all roles.
Home Office Improvement
$1,000 to improve your home office however you'd like. We want to make sure you're set up to do your best work.
Startups are hard, and we want our team members to have skin in the game. As an early employee for a fast-growing startup, you'll receive a generous equity grant.
100% Paid Premium Healthcare
We offer premium healthcare plans that are 100% covered for you and your family, which employees are eligible for on their first day.
Unlimited Paid Time Off (PTO)
We offer a flexible PTO policy and encourage our employees to take time off when necessary to recharge and prevent burnout.
Annual Team Retreats
We have team retreats 2-3 times per year in amazing locations to get to know one another in person, collaborate, and bond as a team.
Fast-Paced Environment
We want to win - and embrace a culture where employees are given the chance to experiment, iterate, and openly share ideas (regardless of their title or position) to get the best idea.
Fully Remote Team
We want to hire the best people at AssemblyAI, regardless of location. Our remote-first culture allows employees to work from anywhere in the world autonomously.
Diversity & Inclusion
We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees. We are proud to be an equal opportunity workplace.
Flexible Schedule
Strong teams are built on mutual trust and accountability. We want to set up our team for success, and believe in giving our employees ownership over their work and schedules to operate at their highest potential.

Our Values

High Energy
We are engaged, bringing energy into our work and setting a positive, encouraging, and uplifting tone for anyone who interacts with us from fellow teammates to customers.
Truth Seeking
We're not afraid to ask questions. We seek clarity and are constantly working to reign in ambiguity.
Assume Nothing
We don't assume things are going to work out in our favor. We lean in. We double check things. We ask questions. We don't take a back seat.
Low Ego
We look at things objectively. We're open to giving and receiving feedback, and try to make the best decisions - without our ego in the room.
Be a Driver
We're highly committed, self-driven people who strive to accomplish our goals. We're laser focused on the target we want to achieve and keep going no matter what.

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