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Core Transcription

Speech-to-text with near human-level accuracy.

Real-time Transcription

Access real-time transcription with high accuracy and low latency.

Audio Intelligence

*Must be used with PII Redaction

Unlock the information in your audio


The easiest way to build LLM apps on voice data.

Pricing calculator

Enter your estimated input size, output size, and final model to get a price estimate.

Input size

Number of tokens in the transcripts + prompt + context.

  • 7,500 tokens (30m audio file)
  • 15,000 tokens (60m audio file)
  • 30,000 tokens (120m audio file)

Max output size

Max number of tokens for LeMUR to generate.

  • 500 tokens (375 words)
  • 1,000 tokens (750 words)
  • 2,000 tokens (1500 words)


LeMUR Default: Suitable for most use cases and better at understanding complicated input.

LeMUR Basic: Suitable for basic use cases like quick summaries and answering simple questions.

  • LeMUR Default
  • LeMUR Basic

Price estimate: -

*in addition to Core Transcription pricing


For businesses with large volume, additional support needs, and/or bespoke use cases.

Sembly AI strives to provide the industry's best AI teammate experience in over 30 languages. We are excited to work with Assembly AI to enable high quality ASR that powers the latest and most advanced AI features for our customers.


Can I sign up for free?

Yes! You can use the API for free on a limited trial. Simply add a credit card to your account at any time to upgrade from the trial.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Absolutely! If you plan to send large volumes of audio and video content through our API, please reach out to us here to see if you qualify for a volume discount.

How fast does it take for audio and video files to process?

Files take around 25% of their duration to process. For example, a 20 minute audio or video file would take 5 minutes to process.

How does billing work?

Great question. Once you add a credit card and deposit funds into your account, your account's funds will be drained as you use the API.

How can I talk to someone?

Feel free to email us at support@assemblyai.com, or click the chat button in the bottom right corner of your browser to chat live with our API Support team!

What languages do you support?

We support over 16 languages and counting, including Global English (English and all of its accents).

What is a token?

In the context of a Large Language Model (LLM), a "token" is the smallest unit of text processed by the model. 100 tokens roughly maps to ~75 words.

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