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Automatic punctuation, casing, PII redaction, and more.
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Transcribe as many files in parallel at one time as needed by your application
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Cost per hour: 20.000 hours
Cost per minute: 20.000 hours / 60
Cost per second: 20.000 hours / 60 / 60

Just hacking on a project?

3 hours of transcription free per month
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Asked Questions

What languages do you support?
At this time we only support English and all of its dialects (US, UK, AU, ZA, etc.)
Can I run the API on my own server?
Yes! Just contact us and we will reach out to you about our On-Premise License.
How long does it take to transcribe an audio file?
Transcripts usually complete in 25-50% of the audio duration. So a 1 hour file would finish in 15-30 minutes.
How does billing work?
All billing is handled on a Pay-as-you-Go basis. You deposit funds into your account, and as you use the API those funds are drained.

Once you add a credit card to your account, if you navigate to the Billing page in your Dashboard, you can see how many funds are currently in your account.