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About AssemblyAI

We're a Deep Learning company, focused on researching and applying advanced neural networks and machine learning technology.We have our roots in San Francisco, California, and are a remote team including top AI researchers with 20+ years of experience in Machine Learning, Speech Recognition, and NLP from places like Amazon, Cisco, Apple, BMW, and MyCroft.We're focused on making advanced Deep Learning technology accessible to everyday developers through a simple API and a great developer experience. Gone are the days when only large enterprise companies could afford or acquire advanced AI technology.

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We're backed by leading investors including Y Combinator's AI Fund, Patrick and John Collision from Stripe, Nat Friedman from GitHub, and Daniel Gross from Y Combinator.We're growing at breakneck speed, and are hiring across all departments. Help us research and deploy advanced machine learning and deep learning technologies, and serve them to developers at startups and Fortune 500s through a simple API.

The Golden Gate bridge in San FranciscoAssemblyAI's team in one of its offsites. There are ten people in the photo; five of them are sitting down. Interestingly enough, eight are wearing black shirts.

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