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Build powerful applications with AssemblyAI's suite of APIs. Fortune 500s, startups, and developers around the world are using AssemblyAI to build powerful applications with audio and video in a wide range of industries.

Telephony solutions
Power better features for less.

Call Tracking, Contact Center, and other Cloud Phone Solutions require high accuracy and intelligent features to unlock more from their call recordings.

Developers at companies like CallRail and Talkroute power innovative features like conversational intelligence, call analytics, and virtual voicemail using the AssemblyAI API.

We were pleasantly surprised to find that AssemblyAI is the most accurate call transcription software on the market today. The upgrade has already been a huge success.

Jeremy Helms

Co-Founder, WhatConverts

Video platforms
Captioning and categorization simplified.

Video captioning, content categorization, and content moderation can be tricky to offer at scale, but have become table stakes across most platforms. AssemblyAI makes it easy to integrate these features into any video platform for improved accessibility and search.

AssemblyAI's API is fast, accurate, and easy to use compared to the others I've tried. The team is quick and helpful with support when you need it.

Brett Lindenberg

CEO, Mindstamp

Virtual Meetings
Trusted transcriptions and insights.

Seamlessly integrate with recordings from platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, GoToMeet, etc. AssemblyAI allows these platforms to transcribe and analyze content in a simple and powerful solution.

Product, development, and AI teams at companies like use AssemblyAI to deliver key insights and action items from virtual meetings.

We needed speed, quality, low-cost and support. AssemblyAI won on all these fronts.

Leonard Bogdonoff

Co-Founder, Milk Video

Targeting and monitoring on podcasts, TV, and radio.

Accurately advertise and moderate on broadcast TV, podcast, and radio content.

Using AssemblyAI, modern Media companies are able to quickly and accurately detect brand and topic mentions across a myriad of content sources.

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