Improved Punctuation Restoration & Truecasing Models

Check out our Improved Punctuation Restoration & Truecasing Models, dive into our Speech-to-Text AI models and celebrate with us as we near 100K YouTube subscribers.

Improved Punctuation Restoration & Truecasing Models

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๐Ÿš€New Punctuation Restoration and Truecasing Models

Weโ€™re introducing new models for Punctuation Restoration and Truecasing, which outperform our previous production modelson the following metrics:

  • Enhanced Casing Accuracy: Improvements in the handling of mixed-case words (+39% F1 score), acronyms (+20% F1 score), and capital-case (+11% F1 score).
  • Upper-case Letter Classification: A 17% improvement on average across test datasets for upper-case letter detection.
  • Punctuation Precision: An 11% increase in punctuation accuracy (F1 score).
  • Evaluator Preference: Human evaluators show a 61% preference for the new model compared to the previous one.

Join Us At AWS re:Invent

We'll be in-person at AWS re:Invent from November 27 through the 30th. Find us at The Generative AI Partner Pavilion Booth #372, where we'll have folks from our Engineering, Sales and Developer Relations teams available to chat.

Refreshed Speech-to-Text Documentation

Check out our refreshed AI Models documentation pages that make it easier to build with our new SDKs:

  • Summarization: Distill important information from your audio into a succinct text summary.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Get a detailed analysis of positive, negative, or neutral sentiment conveyed in the audio, along with a confidence score for each result.
  • Auto Chapters: Summarize audio data into chapters over time and make it easy for users to navigate and find specific information.
  • PII Redaction: Automatically remove sensitive information about individuals from your transcript.

๐ŸŽ‰(Almost!) 100K Subscribers on YouTube

We're close to 100K on YouTubeSubscribe now and be part, of our growing community! Here's some of our most-watched videos:

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