2023 at AssemblyAI - A Year in Review

Here's a look back at some of the new AssemblyAI products and features launched for customers in 2023.

2023 at AssemblyAI - A Year in Review

2023 at AssemblyAI - A Year in Review

Here are some of the new products and features we've launched for customers in 2023:

  • Conformer-1 and Conformer-2 AI Models Released: The year saw the launch of Conformer-2, our enhanced AI model for automatic speech recognition. Building on Conformer-1, this new model offers improved recognition of proper nouns and alphanumeric sequences, and better performance in noisy conditions, thanks to its training on over 1.1 million hours of English audio.
  • LeMUR Framework ReleaseLeMUR, our new framework for applying Large Language Models (LLMs) to spoken data, was introduced. It facilitates summarizing, questioning, and text generation for applications dealing with voice data.
  • Partnership with AWS Marketplace: This year, we established a partnership with the Amazon Web ServicesMarketplace. This collaboration is aimed at simplifying the use of AWS services with AssemblyAI’s offerings.
  • Enhanced AI Models: Our AI models for PII Redaction, Entity Detection, and Punctuation and Casing received major updates, resulting in improved performance and accuracy for voice data processing.
  • New No-Code Playground: A redesigned, user-friendly no-code playground was introduced, designed to simplify and accelerate AI application development.
  • Series C Funding Milestone: Our Series C funding round raised $50 million, supporting our objective to continue developing advanced Speech AI models that enhance voice data processing capabilities.

LeMUR Cookbooks: Build LLM Audio Apps

LeMUR is the easiest way to code applications that apply LLMs to speech. In just a few lines of code you can search, summarize, ask questions, and generate text across your audio and video data. Check out the following popular LeMUR resources:

Try LeMUR in our new playground.

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