AssemblyAI + 🔗LangChain Go, Universal-1 Recap

Explore our new AssemblyAI and LangChain Go integration to unlock powerful LLM capabilities for audio data. Check out Universal-1, our advanced multilingual Speech-to-Text model with unmatched accuracy.

AssemblyAI + 🔗LangChain Go, Universal-1 Recap

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AssemblyAI + 🔗LangChain Go: Unleash LLMs on Audio 

Our new integration to LangChain Go allows you to integrate AssemblyAI's speech-to-text models and unlock large language model capabilities on your audio data. With this integration, you can now leverage LLMs to generate summariesextract insightsanswer queries, and more - all based on audio transcripts from AssemblyAI. 

Check out the LangChain Go documentation to get started.

🚀Universal-1: Powerful Speech-to-Text Model

Last week, we introduced Universal-1, our groundbreaking multilingual Speech-to-Text model trained on a massive 12.5M hours of audio data. The response has been overwhelming, and we're thrilled to see developers leveraging its unparalleled accuracy and performance capabilities. 

If you haven't had a chance to explore Universal-1 yet, here's a quick recap of the improvements it provides:

  • 71% better speaker count estimation and 14% better word timestamp estimation compared to our prior models
  • Up to 30% fewer hallucinations compared to Whisper Large-v3, ensuring cleaner, more reliable transcriptions. 
  • Over 22% more accurate compared to speech-to-text APIs from Azure, AWS, and Google. 
  • Ability to code switch, transcribing multiple languages within a single audio file.
  • And, it processes an hour of audio in just 38 seconds.âš¡

Universal-1 is now the default model for transcription, available to all our users without any changes required. Check out our docsto start building with Universal-1.

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