Newsletter #33: Speech AI Integration and Streaming STT Updates

Discover how to integrate AssemblyAI with for seamless Speech AI automation in your workflows. Automate tasks like transcription and PII redaction with ease. Visit our documentation for more details.

Newsletter #33: Speech AI Integration and Streaming STT Updates

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🚀 Speech AI Automation with AssemblyAI &

We've launched our integration with, which enables users to use AssemblyAI's Speech AI in another popular low-code/no-code service. The new integration makes it easy to automate audio data processing—whether that's through transcriptionanalysis, or creating new features using our advanced AI models

For instance, imagine automatically handling audio files uploaded to Google Drive: transcribing them, applying PII redaction, summarizing them, and then storing the processed files back in Drive. This is just one of the many powerful scenarios enabled by our integration.  

For a deeper look at these features and to see how you can use them, visit our documentation or follow our guides for specific applications like PII redaction.

Updates to Streaming Speech-to-Text Features

Last week we rolled out important updates to enhance your experience:  

For additional information and setup details, please visit our docs.

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