Newsletter #35: Nano & Best: New Speech-to-text Pricing Options

Learn about our recently announced Best and Nano tiers, along with a deep dive into the architecture of AssemblyAI in this week's newsletter.

Newsletter #35: Nano & Best: New Speech-to-text Pricing Options

Hey 👋, this weekly update contains the latest info on our new product features, tutorials, and our community.

🚀 Best and Nano Tiers: More Speech-to-Text and Pricing Options

We recently introduced Best and Nano tiers for Speech-to-Text models, offering users more flexibility in balancing accuracy and cost. The Best tier uses our Universal 1 model to provide high accuracy where every detail matter, while the Nano tier offers high-quality transcripts at an accessible price. Select the tier in the API based on your specific needs to build applications tailored to your needs and budget constraints.

A Deep Dive Into The Architecture of AssemblyAI

Learn about the architecture behind AssemblyAI in this deep dive for the 'This Is My Architecture' series at AWS. Ben Gotthold explains how we're building a scalable machine learning platform on AWS.

How to Build a Better User Experience with Customizable Real-Time Speech-to-Text: Learn how you can improve your Streaming transcripts by ending utterances manually or using thresholds.

Build A Talking AI with LLAMA 3 (Python tutorial): Build an AI that listens and talks, using LLAMA 3 and ElevenLabs for Text-to-Speech.

Transcribe a live phone call with Python - Flask tutorial: Learn how to transcribe a phone call in real-time using Twilio and Python.

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