New Usage Dashboard + Mistral 7B First Look

Explore our brand new & improved AssemblyAI Usage Dashboard. Stay up to date with our tutorials on Mistral-7B, Falcon-180B & RAG.

New Usage Dashboard + Mistral 7B First Look

Brand New Usage Dashboard

⚡️ What's new — More usage and spend data available!

We're excited to introduce new date range options, giving you the flexibility to view your usage and spend data in exactly the way you want. Plus, all charts are now perfectly aligned to the selected date range, so you can make the most informed decisions about your usage and spend.

In addition to the new date range options, we've redesigned the dashboard's home page to make it even more intuitive and user-friendly. With easy-to-use code snippets for common use-cases, get started with our powerful API today!

Community Spotlight

We love seeing what our users are building with AssemblyAI! Share any innovations you're working on to Discord or tag us on Twitter or LinkedIn!

  • Chris built VideoTap, an AI-tool for creators to re-purpose existing content using AssemblyAI's Speech API.
  • During the AssemblyAI Hackathon held in September, Alex created Tube-to-Text coach: a fitness app that converts a YouTube follow-along to a written step-by-step exercise routine.
  • Parth created QuickDigest, a chat bot that can converse with datasets & real-time web searches.

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