New Code Cookbooks & AssemblyAI's Q4 Product Enhancements

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New Code Cookbooks & AssemblyAI's Q4 Product Enhancements

๐Ÿš€Upcoming Q4 Product Updates

We're shipping a lot of new product updates and enhancements before 2023 wraps. Here's a small teaser of a few enhancements that will ship soon:

  • GDPR Certification โœ… - Ensuring your data's security and compliance.
  • Enhanced Punctuation/Casing - For more accurate transcriptions.
  • Reduced latency in Real-time Transcription - Faster response for live interactions.
  • LeMUR Speaker Labels Upgrade - Clearer speaker differentiation in transcripts.

We'll have even more to share beyond these updates soon.

AssemblyAI Cookbooks

Easily integrate AssemblyAI into your products with our new resource: The AssemblyAI Cookbook! These cookbooks are a collection of in-depth tutorials for using AssemblyAI beyond the basics of the API. 

Check out the following popular cookbooks: 

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  • Ably published a tutorial on how to build a real-time closed-caption system in React using AssemblyAI.
  • Domenic Donato, AssemblyAI's VP of Technology, was interviewed at Google Cloud Next.

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