Faster Audio File Handling and Improved Error Messages

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Faster Audio File Handling and Improved Error Messages

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LeMUR: Build LLM apps on voice data

LeMUR is the easiest way to code applications that apply LLMs to speech. In just a few lines of code you can search, summarize, ask questions, and generate new text, on all of your audio and video. 

Check out the following popular cookbooks for using LeMUR:

Fresh From Our Blog

Combining Speech Recognition and Diarization in one model: A new approach towards multi-speaker speech processing integrates Speaker Diarization and Automatic Speech Recognition in a unified framework. We discuss the key insights from this recent exciting development in Speech AI research. Read more>>

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Convert Speech to Text in Python in 5 Minutes: Learn how to perform Automatic Speech Recognition in 5 minutes using Python and the AssemblyAI Speech-to-Text API with this simple tutorial. Read more>>

AutoGen Tutorial 🤖 Create Collaborating AI Agent teams: Discover the power of AutoGen in crafting collaborative AI agent teams. Dive into AutoGen's capabilities and learn to build with it.

Build Talking AI ChatBot with ElevenLabs and OpenAI in 5 Minutes: Learn how to build an AI Audio Bot in Python using ElevenLabs, AssemblyAI & OpenAI.

Retrieval Augmented Generation on audio data with LangChain: Uncover the potential of Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) in enhancing LLM responses' relevance and clarity. Learn how to utilize RAG on audio data.