Built with AssemblyAI - Rhetoric

In our Built with AssemblyAI series, we're featuring Rhetoric, a presentation feedback platform built with the AssemblyAI Speech-to-Text API.

Built with AssemblyAI - Rhetoric

In our Built with AssemblyAI series, we showcase developer projects, innovative companies, and impressive products created using the AssemblyAI Speech-to-Text transcription API and/or our Audio Intelligence APIs such as Sentiment Analysis, Auto Chapters, Entity Detection, and more.

Describe what you’ve built with AssemblyAI.

Rhetoric is a platform for presentation feedback. We combine AI-based coaching with asynchronous feedback from mentors and peers to transform your presentation.

What was the inspiration for your product?

Presentation coaching is an aging industry that is not tech enabled and reserved for senior leadership. As we move into a more digital workplace, we have the opportunity to democratize presentation coaching and feedback such that anyone - regardless of years of experience or background - can become an expert presenter.

What AssemblyAI features do you use?

We use AssemblyAI’s Core Transcription Speech-to-Text API plus Filler Word Detection and Time Stamps.

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Why did you choose to build with AssemblyAI?

We were impressed with the accuracy relative to the competitors, but we were mostly excited about working with a small and scrappy team.

Do you have a demo of your product?

Yes! You can learn more about how Rhetoric works in this walkthrough video.