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How Jiminny builds with AI models to secure 15% higher win rates for customers

Learn how a strategic AI partnership with AssemblyAI was key to building Jiminny’s successful Conversation Intelligence product.

How Jiminny builds with AI models to secure 15% higher win rates for customers

Years ago, companies had to manually sift through data from meetings, call centers, chatbots, and more, and attempt to locate meaningful bits of insights—if they touched the data at all. Even today, while 90% of businesses are now recording digital conversations, less than 5% are actually analyzing the data, letting strategy and revenue opportunities go to waste. This percentage gap creates a huge market need for AI-powered Conversation Intelligence platforms that help end users more easily and efficiently manage and process this data.

Conversation Intelligence, also known as Conversational Intelligence AI, platforms use cutting-edge AI research to extract intelligent, actionable insights–such as summarizing meeting outcomes, suggesting rep coaching ideas, and identifying common sentiments and topics–automatically from conversational data at scale.

As AI research and innovation have accelerated–from the release of ChatGPT to Google Bard to AssemblyAI’s state-of-the-art speech recognition model Conformer-2–the utility of Conversation Intelligence products has simultaneously increased, making them powerful tools of analysis for end users that capture spoken data.

Source: Jiminny

Jiminny, a leading Conversation Intelligence, sales coaching, and call recording platform, lets sales and customer success teams efficiently manage, sort, and analyze their conversational data to extract insights that help them fine-tune sales techniques, build better customer relationships, and maximize company revenue. Combined, these tools help Jiminny’s customers secure a 15% higher win rate on average.

Because much of the conversational data stems from voice and video recordings, Jiminny’s product team knew they needed to find a reliable and accurate AI transcription partner to integrate into the Jiminny platform and to use as the foundation for additional AI-powered analytics tools.

Jiminny’s product team also needed highly accurate real-time transcription to help users at the exact moment the conversations take place, as well as to provide speaker labels (also referred to as speaker diarization) that automatically differentiate between the distinct participants on a call or in a meeting.

The product team’s search led them to AssemblyAI’s simple API that exposes powerful AI models to transcribe and understand speech, including AI models for real-time and asynchronous transcription, speaker diarization, speech summarization, and more.

AssemblyAI’s AI stack for spoken data is informed by the latest AI research and architectures, making it easier for product teams like Jiminny’s to know their end users will always have access to the most accurate data available.

Source: Jiminny

Tom Lavery, the CEO and Founder of Jiminny, also appreciated that AssemblyAI offers 24/7 support from a team of in-house Support Engineers and Technical Account Managers. This partnership would help Jiminny’s product team launch new AI tools and features to their end users faster, as well as to help facilitate a collaborative relationship as new models and iterations are released.

“AssemblyAI has a real high-touch personal service. It’s a great partnership and we’re very collaborative and get to test new AI models early and work together. And AssemblyAI is really pushing boundaries, helping us create a well-rounded Conversation Intelligence platform,” explains Lavery.

After a successful and quick implementation and go-live, AssemblyAI’s models are now powering key AI features for the Jiminny platform.

Some of these AI-powered tools and features include:

  • AI insights for data-driven coaching tools that strengthen rep performance, spot coaching opportunities, and help prioritize coaching needs
  • Communication tools for better alignment across teams
  • Pipeline visibility tools for improved forecasting accuracy and deal prioritization
  • Forecasting tools to increase win rates and revenue
  • Customer persona tools for increased customer knowledge, satisfaction, retention, and upselling opportunities

The Jiminny platform also helps users synthesize this data directly into their CRM, as well as create engagement statistics that can be benchmarked and tested based on the user’s and/or business’s performance.

The product team at Jiminny is constantly iterating and planning new AI-powered tools and features based on customer feedback and the team’s vision for where the field of Conversational Intelligence is heading.

This vision includes a new “Ask Jiminny” feature where users will be able to submit questions such as “Was this a good call?” or “How can I improve my pitch?” and receive AI-generated responses.

When AssemblyAI announced the release of LeMUR Early Access, AssemblyAI’s new framework for applying powerful Large Language Models (LLMs) to transcribed speech, Jiminny’s product team was also very excited about the new features and tools they could now deliver to their customers.

Jiminny’s product team is now currently testing ways to use LeMUR to unlock more detailed summaries across aggregate call data that would provide better insights for their customer’s use cases, including for call outcomes.

As AI innovation continues to accelerate at an unprecedented pace, Jiminny’s product team knows that they can rely on AssemblyAI as their partner in AI to quickly get the latest advances directly in the hands of their customers.

Want to learn more about building AI-powered tools? Watch the How Jiminny leverages AI for Conversation Intelligence webinar on demand.