🚀LeMUR's Custom Text Input + Revamped Playground

Try out our brand new feature for LeMUR: Custom Text Input! Learn more about our revamped Playground and try out AssemblyAI on the AWS marketplace.

🚀LeMUR's Custom Text Input + Revamped Playground

Hey 👋, this weekly update contains the latest info on our new product features, tutorials, and our community.

🚀Custom Text Input For LeMUR

Users can submit their own custom text inputs into LeMUR, with no transcript ID required:

import assemblyai as aai

aai.settings.api_key = f"{API_TOKEN}"

result = aai.Lemur().task(
    "Summarize the transcript",

This unlocks a ton of customizability. Discover how to use the new `input_text` parameter in our docs, or look at the code example in our Python SDK.

Join Us At AWS re:Invent

We'll be in-person at AWS re:Invent from November 27 through the 30th. Find us at The Generative AI Partner Pavilion Booth #372, where we'll have folks from our Engineering, Sales and Developer Relations teams available to chat. 

Book a meeting with our team here.

AssemblyAI Is Now On Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AssemblyAI is now an official partner on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. Interested users can access the AssemblyAI storefront on AWS marketplace here

⚡️Revamped Playground Is Now Live!

We have completely redesigned the Playground to be more user friendly, added Real-Time Transcription and combined both our Async and LeMUR Playgrounds into one experience. Try it here>>

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