🚀New AssemblyAI Go SDK & Speech-to-Text Tutorials

🚀Announcing the AssemblyAI Go SDK & latest Speech-to-text tutorials

🚀New AssemblyAI Go SDK & Speech-to-Text Tutorials

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🚀Announcing the AssemblyAI Go SDK

We've just launched our new Go SDK to make it far easier for Golang developers to use the AssemblyAI API. This release marks a significant milestone as it joins our suite of SDKs, which already includes PythonTypeScriptJavaScript, and Java.

Getting Started with Go Speech-to-Text:

package main

import (

    aai ""

func main() {
    ctx := context.Background()

    audioURL := ""

    client := aai.NewClient("YOUR_API_KEY")

    transcript, err := client.Transcripts.TranscribeFromURL(ctx, audioURL, nil)


Read the getting started guide with the new Golang code to see the full tutorial on how to use the above code.

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