A New Free Python Course to Build Real-World Audio AI Apps

Learn how to build a real-world application working with audio data in this free video course.

A New Free Python Course to Build Real-World Audio AI Apps

Build An Audio AI App, an in-depth video course created by Talk Python, is now available for free on both the Talk Python Training website and in the Android and iOS mobile apps.

In this course, you will build a realistic and real-world app working with audio from podcasts. You will learn how to:

  • Create transcripts from hours of audio content
  • Build a custom search engine on top of audio data
  • Learn practical prompt engineering techniques when working with LLMs
  • Generate custom summaries and key moments for podcasts using the LeMUR LLM framework
  • Create a conversational Q&A experience
  • Build a scalable FastAPI application
  • Use Beanie and Pydantic to model data in MongoDB
  • Use HTMX to build modern user interfaces
  • Run background jobs using asyncio and Python
  • And lots more

The course is brought to you by Michael Kennedy. He’s a professional software trainer and host of the #1 podcast on Python called Talk Python To Me, and has taught thousands of developers throughout the world in hundreds of courses. We’re excited to see him teach this course with his unique, hands-on style.

The course is 100% free! You can join the course on the Talk Python platform here.

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