Improved WER - Speech-to-Text Accuracy vs. Google, AWS (May 2020 Update)

AssemblyAI launches significant improvements to transcription accuracy, consistently out-benchmarking other providers like Google Cloud Speech-to-Text, and AWS Transcribe.

Improved WER - Speech-to-Text Accuracy vs. Google, AWS (May 2020 Update)

You may have noticed a fresh new look this month in the AssemblyAI dashboard, along with improvements to transcription accuracy, and 100% uptime this past month! Below are more details on everything we've been working on this month:

New AssemblyAI Dashboard

We launched updates to improve the overall API experience for our customers - everything from sign-up, to onboarding, and tracking usage more granularly on a daily and monthly basis. Some of the main highlights include:

  • API Analytics - filterable insights about your transcription usage over time
  • Refreshed Design - simplified UI, with added details for things like billing and user permissions
  • Added Support - directly connect with you account manager

New Accuracy Improvement Across All Models

With our most recent update, we are consistently out-benchmarking all other API's in accuracy on our asynchronous English model. Below are our average accuracy %'s (using Word Error Rate or WER) based on benchmark reports run this month versus Google Cloud's video model, AWS Transcribe, and Microsoft Azure:

Curious to compare our accuracy against your current speech-to-text provider? Send 5 of your files to us and we'll come back with a full benchmark report more here.

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