Improved Streaming Speech-to-Text Pricing and Features

Streaming Speech-to-Text makes it easier than ever to transcribe live audio and videos. You can also now customize the end-of-utterance detection of Streaming Speech-to-Text for a smoother experience.

Improved Streaming Speech-to-Text Pricing and Features

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🎙️ Real-Time is now Streaming Speech-to-Text

We've updated the name of AssemblyAI's Real-Time product to Streaming Speech-to-Text, and made the following improvements:

Take a look at our Streaming Speech-to-Text docs to get started and use these new features.

🧑‍💻 Join 1k+ other students who've already taken the new Talk Python course

The free "Build an Audio AI App" by Talk Python course we announced last week already has more than 1k students! Join them now to learn how to build a real-world app working with podcast audio using AssemblyAI's speech-to-text and LeMUR capabilities.

The course is brought to you by Michael Kennedy, host of the #1 Python podcast "Talk Python To Me." Check out the full announcement with course details on our blog.

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