Announcing the AssemblyAI plugin for Rivet

AssemblyAI transcription and LeMUR capabilities are part of Rivet, the IDE for developing AI applications.

AssemblyAI logo and Rivet logo

Ironclad recently announced they are open-sourcing Rivet, their IDE for developing AI applications.

"Meet Rivet, a new visual programming environment for building with Generative AI designed specifically for enterprise development teams."

Rivet supports extensibility through plugins and AssemblyAI collaborated with the Rivet team to contribute our transcription and LeMUR capabilities.


The plugin is built into Rivet so you don't need to install anything separately. Enable the plugin and start using the AssemblyAI nodes to transcribe audio and apply LLM to your transcripts using LeMUR. Once you are happy with your AI workflow, you can integrate them into your applications using Node.js.

Curious to learn more? Follow this step-by-step tutorial to build an application that can answer questions about podcast episodes, built using Rivet and Node.js.