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We help enterprises unlock the value of their audio data.

Hundreds of businesses, including dozens of Fortune 500s, process millions of audio files every day with AssemblyAI's platform of APIs for Speech Recognition and Audio Intelligence. We give innovative businesses the tools they need to quickly ship exciting new products and applications built on top of audio data.

Trusted by over 1,000 companies – from startups to Fortune 500.

A platform of APIs for building with audio

Automatically convert audio and video into text. Go beyond Speech-to-Text by turning unstructured data into structured data with advanced summarization, topic detection, tagging, content moderation, and other Audio Intelligence APIs - all with a single network request.

Automatic Speech Recognition

Powered by advanced AI models, AssemblyAI's Speech-to-Text APIs can automatically convert live audio streams and recorded audio files into accurate text transcriptions.

Audio Intelligence

With AssemblyAI's suite of Audio Intelligence APIs, power advanced use cases that drives ROI - with APIs for Summarization, Content Moderation, Topic Detection, Entity Extraction, PII Redaction, and more.

A Single Integration

Our suite of APIs enable you to do more with your audio data. From transcriptions, to summarization, topic detection, and more. Easily build more robust features that bring value to your customers and users - with a single platform and API integration.

Built to scale for any use case

Millions of audio files are processed by our APIs every single day, with over 99.9% uptime and completion rate. Dozens of industry-leading companies around the globe trust AssemblyAI's platform to handle mission-critical, production workloads that drive millions of dollars in revenue.

With customers in a variety of industries, our models are generalized and robust to accurately handle data across video, telephony, media, and virtual meetings. Quickly ship innovative features and workflows in your company that drives ROI and value to your customers and users.

Use Cases


Closed captions, search, recommendations, tagging, moderation.


Conversation Intelligence, Call Tracking, Sales Intelligence, Contact Center AI.


Media Monitoring, Brand Safety, Contextual Targeting, Broadcast TV/Radio.

Virtual Meetings

Closed captions, insights, coaching, summarization, collaboration.

Accuracy & Platform

State of the art models

Models built with the latest AI research into self-supervised learning for conversational speech.

Improve over time

With AutoTrain - AssemblyAI can learn from your data and improve over time.

Simple integration

ASR, NLP, and NLU with a single API call.


Advanced data and privacy controls and certifications to keep your data secure.

"We were able to work directly with AssemblyAI on our rollout and had a relatively simple cutover. The ongoing support was and is still excellent. AssemblyAI has felt like a true partner all the way through."

Michael Cantrell

Director of Product

Focused on AI research

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