AssemblyAI's New Integrations & Latest Tutorials

Dive into our new integrations page and start building with LangChain, LlamaIndex, and more. Plus, stay updated with our top blog insights and latest AI video tutorials.

AssemblyAI's New Integrations & Latest Tutorials

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AssemblyAI Integrations

Check out our new integrations page for all the latest AssemblyAI integrations and start building with your favorite tools and services.

  • 🦜️🔗 LangChain Integration: LangChain has a set of pre-built components that you can use to load data and apply LLMs to your data. Integrate spoken audio data into LangChain applications using AssemblyAI's integration in both Python and TypeScript.
  • LlamaIndex Integration: With LlamaIndex, you can easily store and index your data, and then use them with LLMs to build applications. Transcribe audio files and easily store and index your data, to use them with LLMs applications in both Python and TypeScript.
  • Semantic Kernel Integration: Semantic Kernel is an SDK for multiple programming languages to develop applications with Large Language Models (LLMs). With the AssemblyAI integration for Semantic Kernel, you can use AssemblyAI's transcription models using the TranscribePlugin to transcribe your audio and video files.
  • Zapier Integration: You can use the AssemblyAI app for Zapier to transcribe audio inside your Zaps.
  • AssemblyAI plugin for RivetRivet is an open-source visual AI programming environment. Through a collaboration between AssemblyAI and Rivet, you can use AssemblyAI speech-to-text and LeMUR capabilities in Rivet.
  • Integration: provides a single API to access real-time meeting data from platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and more. Transcribe meetings with the + AssemblyAI Integration.

Additionally, check out AssemblyAI on AWS and Cloudflare

Fresh From Our Blog

How to build an interactive lecture summarization app: Learn how to build an application that automatically summarizes a lecture and lets you ask questions about the lecture material. Read more>>

Transcribe audio to text on Cloudflare Workers with AssemblyAI and TypeScript: Learn how to create an application that transcribes the audio files (and video files) to text. You'll code a TypeScript backend on top of Cloudflare Workers and use the AssemblyAI APIs to transcribe the audio. Read more>>

AI for Universal Audio Understanding: Qwen-Audio Explained: Discover Qwen-Audio, a groundbreaking large-scale audio-language model that elevates the way AI systems process and reason about a diverse spectrum of audio signals. Read more>>

The Emergent Abilities of LLMs - why LLMs are so useful: In this video, we will learn what Emergent Abilities are, how they were discovered, why they are important, and some potential explanations for why they appear.

2024's AI Essentials: 10 Must-Know AI Terms from 2023 Explained in 5 Minutes! 🚀🌟: Learn the key concepts that are driving AI forward in 2024. Equip yourself with the knowledge of these 10 critical terms and be part of the conversation shaping the future of technology. 

Convert Speech to Text In Java (Basic Tutorial): Learn how to do speech recognition in Java using AssemblyAI's speech-to-text Java SDK and how to generate speaker labels in Java.