Newsletter #32:⚡️Upgrades To Streaming Speech-to-Text

Track total audio duration in streaming sessions with our new SessionInformation message for precise billing. Also, explore PCI DSS and GDPR compliance achievements to ensure secure and privacy-respecting data handling.

Newsletter #32:⚡️Upgrades To Streaming Speech-to-Text

Hey 👋, this weekly update contains the latest info on our new product features, tutorials, and our community.

New Streaming Speech-to-Text Features

  • Streaming Session Duration Tracking: We've introduced a SessionInformation message, which includes the audio_duration_seconds field. This addition allows you to accurately track the total audio duration processed in a streaming session, a crucial feature for precise billing calculations based on the audio duration for end-users.
  • Disable Partial Transcripts: Users can now disable Partial Transcript messages during Streaming sessions, choosing to receive only the final and formatted transcripts. This is particularly useful for applications that do not require visibility of partial utterances.

Check out our changelog to learn more about these features.

Compliance Updates: PCI DSS and GDPR

AssemblyAI has achieved PCI DSS certification, ensuring secure credit card data handling. GDPR compliance has also been attained to protect EU user data. Signed NDA partners can access our Trust Portal for compliance details.

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