Build Powerful Speech AI Apps with AssemblyAI and LLM Integrations

Build powerful Speech AI applications with AssemblyAI and learn how to integrate with top platforms like LangChain, LlamaIndex, Twilio, and AWS, and discover new guides on using Large Language Models (LLMs) for querying, summarizing, and generating content.

Build Powerful Speech AI Apps with AssemblyAI and LLM Integrations

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Use Large Language Models With Voice Data

Get more from your voice data with our new guides on using Large Language Models (LLMs) with LeMUR. Learn how to ask questions, summarize, extract, and generate content from your audio data:

Build With AssemblyAI's Integrations

Make the most of your audio data with the following AssemblyAI's integrations: develop LLM applications that handle audio data with LangChain, build searchable audio archives with LlamaIndex, and enhance call transcription with Twilio. Check out our integrations page for a detailed list of all the ways to build with AssemblyAI & top platforms.

Fresh From Our Blog

Create Multi-Lingual Subtitles with AssemblyAI and DeepL: Learn how to build a web app in Go that'll use AssemblyAI to transcribe an uploaded video file and generate subtitles. Read more>>

Build an AI-powered video conferencing app with Next.js and Stream: Learn how to build a Next.js video conferencing app that supports video calls with live transcriptions and an LLM-powered meeting assistant. Read more>>

How to Detect Hotwords with Streaming Speech-to-Text and Go: AI Assistants all have something in common, they start up with a hotword: "Hey Siri", "Alexa". In this tutorial, you'll learn how to implement a hotword detection system using AssemblyAI's Streaming Speech-to-Text API.  Read more>>

How to Create Speaker-Based Subtitles for Your Videos with AI | (Python Tutorial): Dive into the world of AI speaker diarization to show you how to create subtitles that dynamically change color based on the speaker.

Build an AI Voice Translator: Keep Your Voice in Any Language! (Python + Gradio Tutorial): Can you learn a new language in seconds? Probably not. But with this guide, you can learn how to build a voice translator that can translate your own voice into 30+ languages.

Build An AI Chat Bot In Java | Real-Time Prompting: Learn how to create an AI chat bot in Java that accepts real-time audio input as prompts using AssemblyAI & Claude.