🚀LlamaIndex Integration + Model-Specific Usage Dashboards

Dive into our new LlamaIndex integration, product updates, and featured news.

🚀LlamaIndex Integration + Model-Specific Usage Dashboards

Product Updates

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🚀AssemblyAI LlamaIndex Integration

The AssemblyAI Audio Transcript Loader allows you to transcribe audio files using the AssemblyAI API and also loads the transcribed text into documents. With this new integration on the Llama Hub, you can now easily build LLM Apps with spoken data. Try it out with this Google Colab.

from llama_index import VectorStoreIndex
from llama_hub.assemblyai.base import AssemblyAIAudioTranscriptReader

# 1. Load audio data into docs
audio_file = "./sports_injuries.mp3"
reader = AssemblyAIAudioTranscriptReader(file_path=audio_file)
docs = reader.load_data()

# 2. Build vector store index and query engine
docs[0].metadata = {}
index = VectorStoreIndex.from_documents(docs)
query_engine = index.as_query_engine()
response = query_engine.query("What is a runner's knee?")
# Runner's knee is a condition characterized by pain behind...

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  • Dylan Fox will be appearing on Accel's podcast series on Oct 10 to discuss AssemblyAI's origins, challenges faced, and our journey of tremendous growth.

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