[Webinar] Conversation Intelligence with CallRail

Conversation Intelligence with CallRail and AssemblyAI
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Conversation Intelligence with CallRail

5 ways sales and marketing professionals are using AI to clear the path to purchase

Date: July 21st at 11am PST (8am EST)

There’s a lot of buzz around conversation intelligence. But what is it, exactly?

First, recordings let you replay calls. Then transcriptions let you read and analyze them. Now, conversation intelligence helps you visualize them. Powered by AI, conversation intelligence transforms call data into insights that boost sales performance and conversions.

CallRail’s Senior Product Manager, Christina Bourne, and Demand Gen Marketing Manager, Rachel Ward, will be joined by AssemblyAI’s CEO, Dylan Fox. Together, they’ll explain how conversation intelligence can help your organization achieve great results.

What you'll learn:

  • Visualize voice data to reveal surprising customer insights
  • Take the guesswork out of qualifying leads
  • Learn which products and techniques close deals
  • Use keyword spotting to find out which channels work best
  • Improve your sales team’s conversion rate and conversation quality

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