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WhatConverts Call Tracking | AssemblyAI Speech-to-Text API Case Study
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WhatConverts is a call tracking software (SaaS) that helps customers answer the question, “What marketing works?”. 

The WhatConverts dashboard

Their marketing attribution platform integrates with all marketing channels (e.g. Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Intercom, etc.) and makes it simple to understand which campaigns are working and which campaigns aren’t delivering leads. Leads are then prioritized, ranked, and managed within the WhatConverts software. 

For phone call leads, call transcripts are broken down into chats between Callers and Recipients. Users can view conversations as they are happening and even search and find important moments in the audio based on the transcription text.


Users can search through an audio waveform, where they can visually see the exact moments where someone is speaking. This can help cut down the search time for high-activity parts of calls. 


WhatConvert’s also leverages AssemblyAI’s PCI (PII) Redaction feature so that personal information like emails, credit card numbers, and addresses are all removed from both the transcription and audio playback. This helps ensure that no important contact details are made visible for any user’s leads.  


Choosing AssemblyAI’s Speech-to-Text API

Automated call transcription is one of WhatConverts’ most important features. Their team prioritized finding the Speech-to-Text API with the highest accuracy to make lead ranking more reliable. 

“After testing transcription software from some of the largest companies in the world, we were pleasantly surprised to find that AssemblyAI is the most accurate call transcription software on the market today.”

Since switching to AssemblyAI, WhatConverts has noticed a significant improvement in their call transcription accuracy, making it easier for customers to identify their best leads. 

“The upgrade has already been a huge success, giving users more accurate transcriptions and bonus features that make it even easier to identify your best phone call leads.”

Below is a sample of a Benchmark Report that breaks down the accuracy of AssemblyAI vs. their previous provider. 



  • Significant Accuracy Improvement: Up to 10% better accuracy to power more useful features.
  • Improved Security - PII (PCI) Redaction: Transcripts and audio now don’t surface any personal information like emails, addresses, SSNs, and credit card numbers.
  • Scalable Pricing: Along with improved accuracy, WhatConverts was able to save 50-60% versus other big tech co providers.
“The commitment to accuracy makes WhatConverts and AssemblyAI a perfect match.  We’re hyper-focused on giving businesses the most accurate marketing data possible so our users can make the most accurate marketing decisions."
"As part of our commitment to accurate data, we’re now providing more accurate call transcripts so salespeople and marketers can easily see if leads are qualified, quotable, and ready for follow-up.”

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