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AssemblyAI Creators are community members who support and help others get the most out of AssemblyAI's APIs. They build and share cool projects, connect and help other community members, and are the voice of the developer community.

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Chanin Nantasenamat @thedataprof

Thanks @AssemblyAI for the swag box.

Afiz ⚡️ @itsafiz

I am building speech to text app using @AssemblyAI and @Gradio blocks. This is all pure Python code, no HTML, CSS or JavaScript. Just #Python.

So you want to... @attractfunding

Shout out to @r_o_connor, @AssemblyAI, and @AhmedMasud for deciphering Coding/AI/ML this for to the masses 🦄🚀

Marlene Mhangami @marlene_zw

Yesterday I shared how to turn text to speech, well with #Python you can also turn speech to text 🐍✨

@AssemblyAI's API lets you do this in a few lines of code!

Lana Caldarevic @lana_caldarevic

After reading so much positive stuff from Patrick (@python_engineer) about @AssemblyAI speech-to-text API, it was about the time I use it :D

mısra turp @misraturp

Next week I will interview Chanin Nantasenamat! Many of you know him as @thedataprof

He used to be an actual professor, is a developer advocate at Streamlit and the face of the YouTube channel Data Professor.

Utkarsh Pandey @suggest_smethng

I created this Flask Webapp which uses AssemblyAI services to transcribe audio to text from a audio url input. 🙂

Francesco Ciulla @FrancescoCiull4

Thank you @AssemblyAI and @python_engineer for this cool T-Shirt!

Ryan O'Connor @r_o_connor

Excited for my latest project! 🧑‍💻🎉 Sneak peak below...

What have you been building recently 👀

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Mısra Turp
Data Scientist, Developer Advocate, and founder of So you want to be a data scientist?
Patrick Loeber
Software Engineer, Developer Advocate, and founder of the Python Engineer YouTube channel.
Ryan O'Connor
Developer Educator and technical content specialist for Machine Learning and Deep Learning topics.

AssemblyAI Creators

Abdul Majed
Abdul Majed Raja is a data science professional with more than a decade of tech experience at the intersection of data and humans. Abdul loves to create content on Applied Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and cool little Python projects. Abdul Majed is also a very strong advocate of Open Source, AI Ethics and discourages the super hype of AI for Everything.
Marlene Mhangami
Marlene is a Developer Advocate at Voltron Data. She is a software engineer, explorer, and speaker based in the city of Harare. Marlene is an advocate for using science and technology for social good and increasing diversity in these fields. In line with this she is a director and vice-chair for the Python Software Foundation and in 2017, she co-founded ZimboPy, a non-profit organization that gives Zimbabwean young women access to resources in the field of technology. She is also the previous chair of PyCon Africa and is an advocate for women in tech on the continent.
Fanilo Andrianasolo
After 10 years of exploring data and prototyping ML solutions, Fanilo is now dedicated to helping Data Scientists showcase their works to the world. He currently leads a team of Developer Advocates in Machine Learning at Worldline, and regularly produces content around frameworks to build data web apps like Streamlit.
Sumanth P
Freelance DevRel, Machine Learning Engineer, Open Source Contributor, Content Creator on Youtube, Twitter, and Hashnode, and building C4ML (Community for ML).
Zuzanna Kwiatkowska
Data Scientist turned AI Content Creator, blogging & tweeting about ML and Python under AI Flavours brand.
Daniel Kornaś
Machine Learning Engineer, Speaker, and AI Content Creator - sharing his knowledge and experience on AI and Python with everyone on Social Media.

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