AssemblyAI's logo. A blue illustration on the left, and the word Assembly A I on the right. The illustration is the letter V inverted. Why? I don't know either. Looks cool though.
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Easily transcribe and analyze insights from virtual meetings

Learn more about how the AssemblyAI API can transcribe and analyze virtual meeting recordings from industry-wide platforms.


Milk Video rely on AssemblyAI to transcribe virtual meetings

Milk Video, a video marketing platform, uses AssemblyAI's features such as async transcription, entity detection, and auto chapters to document key insights and extract action items from virtual meetings.

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We needed speed, quality, low cost, and support. AssemblyAI won on all these fronts.

An API that adapts to your needs

Transcribe meetings
Transcribe your library of virtual meeting recordings into accurate text transcriptions.
Extract key insights
Automatically segment recordings into logical chapters and extract key insights with features like Summarization.
Deliver action items
Identify and extract key action items from meeting recordings transcripts to build powerful features.
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