Newsletter #34: AssemblyAI API Reference & Latest Tutorials

🚀 Explore our enhanced API docs with a new interactive playground and comprehensive API updates. Try it now! 🔄 Codec support expanded and account deletion feature added. More details in our changelog.

Newsletter #34: AssemblyAI API Reference & Latest Tutorials

Hey 👋, this weekly update contains the latest info on our new product features, tutorials, and our community.

🚀 New AssemblyAI API Reference

We've upgraded our API reference to improve development experience. Here's what's new:  

  • Interactive Playground: Test our APIs in real-time with the interactive playground. It includes a form-builder for generating requests, viewing commands in cURL, Python and TypeScript. Try it now by clicking the "Play" button!  
  • New API Reference Pages:
    • Transcription API: Designed for robust transcription. 
    • LeMUR API: Processes audio transcripts with LLMs for deeper insights. 
    • Real-time API: Provides minimal latency for live transcription services. 

For more details, visit our documentation.

Latest Improvements

Codec Expansion: Our transcoding library now supports a wider range of codecs, including Bonk, APAC, Mi-SC4, HEVC, VP9, and AV1, enhancing our format versatility.

Bug Fixes: Resolved issues with nested JSON responses in LeMUR and transcription timeouts for very long files.  

For a complete list of updates, visit our changelog.

Fresh From Our Blog

Redact PII in Audio with Make and AssemblyAI: Create a Make scenario using the AssemblyAI app that watches a Google Drive folder for new audio files, and then creates both a transcript and an audio file in which PII is redacted. Read more>>

Detect scam calls using Go with LeMUR and Twilio: Learn how to detect scam attempts in phone calls, using LeMUR. Read more>>

Transcribe audio and video files with Python and Universal-1: Discover how to leverage Universal-1 to transcribe both audio and video files with high accuracy in your Python applications. Read more>>

🚀 Master Python & Zoom API | Build a Server-to-Server App That Transcribes Recordings: Create a server-to-server OAuth application that automatically transcribes your Zoom recordings, and saves them as text files.

Build an AI Lecture Assistant with Python | Full tutorial: Build an application that summarizes your lectures, and lets you ask questions about the lecture with responses with Python and Streamlit.

Speech Recognition In Java | Convert Speech To Text: Learn how to set up and use the AssemblyAI Java SDK to integrate AssemblyAI's Universal-1 speech-to-text model into your audio apps.