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Introducing LeMUR, our new framework for applying powerful LLMs to transcribed speech

Access powerful AI models to transcribe and understand speech

Our simple API exposes AI models for speech recognition, speaker detection, speech summarization, and more. We build on the latest state-of-the-art AI research to offer production-ready, scalable, and secure AI models through a simple API. Used by thousands of breakthrough startups and dozens of global enterprises for mission-critical workloads.

We're loved by companies of all sizes

From startups to Fortune 500 companies, businesses of all sizes use AssemblyAI's API everyday.

AssemblyAI transcribes our customers phone calls. Solid transcription accuracy (we tested a number of competitors, and they were the best) with great customer service. The team goes above and beyond.

Bradley Blaser/Co-Founder & CEO, Liine

AssemblyAI is so great because you can make an API request with a media file, and boom, you get a nice, intuitive JSON formatted transcript response. You can also add parameters to get speakers, topic analysis, personal information detection, and it's just a matter of changing the payload in the first API request.

@rememberlenny/Hacker News

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Transcribe and analyze audio with AI models built on the latest research

Build AI-powered features by embedding state-of-the-art AI models through our simple API.

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