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Audio Intelligence

Build powerful applications with features like Summarization, Entity Detection, Content Moderation, Sentiment Analysis, PII Redaction, and more.

Detect Important Phrases and Words

Automatically detect important phrases and words in your transcription text.

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Topic Detection (IAB Classification)

Label the topics that are spoken in your audio/video files. The predicted topic labels follow the standardized IAB Taxonomy, which makes them suitable for Contextual Targeting use cases.

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Entity Detection

Identify a wide range of entities that are spoken in your audio files, such as person and company names, email addresses, dates, and locations.

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Auto Chapters (Summarization)

Generate a "summary over time" for audio/video files. Auto Chapters works by first segmenting your audio files into logical "chapters" as the topic of conversation changes, and then provides an automatically generated summary for each "chapter" of content.

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Content Moderation

Detect sensitive content in your audio/video files - such as Hate Speech, Violence, Sensitive Social Issues, Alcohol, Drugs, and more.

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PII Redaction

Identify and remove Personally Identifiable Information (PII), such as phone numbers and social security numbers, from the transcription text before it is returned to you.

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Sentiment Analysis

With Sentiment Analysis, AssemblyAI can detect the sentiment of each sentence of speech spoken in your audio files.

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And more coming soon

Emotion Detection. Analyze the emotion in your audio files to determine if your speakers are happy, sad, angry, frustrated, and more.

Ad Detection. Automatically identify the start and end time of voice and video ads, while surfacing all related sponsors and offers.

Translation. Convert your transcription into 80+ other languages.

Intent Recognition. Identify the intent in your audio files.

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Core Transcription

Convert your audio/video files, and live audio streams, into text automatically with advanced AI models using our simple Speech-to-Text APIs.

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